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A-Ryung Motor T-ROTOR Pump AMTP1500-216HAVB

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Quick Overview

Product Features

• Part: Motor T-ROTOR Pump
• Model Number: AMTP1500-216HAVB
• Manufacturer: A-Ryung Machinery Industries


Product Description

• AMTP-HA is a compact combined motor with pump that is designed to easyily separate the motor and pump parts.

• The double oil seal improves endurance.

• For using in high temperature.

• This motor can endure high temperatures (below 180'C) applying the oil seal used the FKM material. (Option)

• This pump has a relief valve to control the pump pressure so that can avoid the load in motor and pump operation. (Option)

• This pump is used for transferring oil and fuel, lubrication of machine and tools, and hydraulic applications.


50 Hz 4p (1,500 rpm)
Discharge Volume 24.3
Maximum Pressure per Motor - Output 400W -
750W 0.85
1500W 1.55
60 Hz 4p (1,800 rpm)
Discharge Volume 35.6
Maximum Pressure per Motor - Output 400W -
750W 0.55
1500W 1.95
Net Weight 4.2 kg

Part Drawings and Dimensions

Type 15000 W Dimensions
F 140
F 145
G 107.5
H 193
I 90
J 10
K 230
L 319
M 172
N 155
Q 155
R 89

AMTP1500-216HAVB Dimensions
B 27
C 102.5
B (Port dia.) In/Outlet PT 3/4"
Type 1500W
Motor Out-put 1.5 kW 1.5 kW
Motor Speed 1,430 rpm 1.730 rpm
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Rated Voltage 200/380/415 V 220/380/440 V
Current 6.3/3.3/3.1 A 6.1/3.5/3.0 A
Net Weight 23.6 kg

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