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A-Ryung Motor T-ROTOR Pump AMTP400-206HAVB

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Quick Overview

Product Features

• Part: Motor T-ROTOR Pump
• Model Number: AMTP400-206HAVB
• Manufacturer: A-Ryung Machinery Industries


Product Description

  • • The AMTP-HA is a compact combined motor with pump that it is designed to allow easy separation of the motor and pump parts.
  • • The double oil seal improves endurance.
  • • For using in high temperature. This type can endure high temperatures (below 180'C) applying the oil seal used the FKM material. (Option)
  • • This pump has a relief valve to control the pump pressure so that can avoid the load in motor and pump operation. (Option)
  • • This pump is used transferring of oil and fuel, lubrication of machine and tools, hydraulic applications.


50 Hz 4p (1,500 rpm)
Discharge Volume 9
Maximum   Pressure Per Motor Output 400W 0.7
60 Hz 4p (1,800 rpm)
Discharge Volume 10.8
Maximum   Pressure Per Motor Output 400W 0.7
Net   Weight 3.6 kg

Product Drawings and Dimensions

Type 400W Specifications
F 112
F 90
G 104.5
H 150
I 71
J 10
K 167
L 259.5
M 143
N 120
Q 125
R 92.5

AMTP-206 HAVB Specifications
B 10
C 85.5
D (Port dia.) In/Outlet PT 1/2"
Type 400W
Motor Out-put 0.4 Kw
Motor Speed 1,420 rpm 1,710 rpm
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Rate Voltage 200/380/415 V 220/380/440 V
Current 2.2/1.3/1.1 A 2.0/1.2/1.0 A
Net Weight 13.2 kg

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