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Kwangrim Oil Chiller CIL 1101A-CT

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Quick Overview

The high accuracy liquid temperature controlling CIL Series oil chiller covers light to heavy loading.

With gas-by-pass type control, CIL oil chillers can be used for various cutting purposes including high-precision machining and finishing touches. The CIL A-type oil chiller features a dual valve/gas-by-pass PID control made +-0.1 C of continuous minute control, resulting in great machining quality and longer machine life. We also offer E-type, a CIW type and an economical model with water pump for customers.

Manufacturer: Kwangrim
Comparable Chiller Models: Daikin AKZ 439-T, Kaukan KO 18PTS, Harbor HBO 900PTS
Compatible Machine Models: Doosan, WIA, FFGDMC



Specifications for the Kwangrim Oil Chiller CIL 1101A-CT
Rated Power Source 3,820/4,550
Impressed Power Source 3Ø 200V 50 / 60Hz, 220V / 60Hz
Rated Power Capacity 5.8
Operation Circuit DC 24V, 5V
Rated Load Current 15.0
Compressor Rotary Type
Condenser ALL Aluminum Type
Evaporator Plate Type (Stainless)
Type T-Rotor Gear Pump
Flow Rate 24/28.8
Relief Valve Set 0.6
Rated Motor Output 0.4
Connecting Piping 3/4 * 3/4
Tank Capacity (option) 40
Weight (without option) 80
Ambient Temperature 5 ~ 45 ℃ (Option 0 ~ 50 ℃)
Oil Temperature 5 ~ 45 ℃
Target Temperature Control Accuracy E : ± 1.0 ℃
A : ± 0.1 ℃
Refrigerant R410A
Available Used Oil Lubricating oil, Hydraulic, Fluid etc.

CIL Oil Chiller Series Options

CIL series options chart

STEP Controller: Step-by-step temperature control that matches spindle speed variation. Thermal error is minimized, and constant temperature control is possible with one setting.

Heater: With heater attached, warm-up time for the machine is reduced.

Tuned Mass Sensor: The target temperature is based on machine temperature, not the room temperature for more accurate temperature control.

Tank: Tank can be attached with various volume selections.

NANOCON Example Drawings

nanocon example drawings

Oil Chiller Dimension Drawings

oil chiller CIL 1101A-CT dimension drawings

oil chiller CIL 1101A-CT dimensions chart /></p>		</div>
                        <div class=

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